Capture value using
Data-Driven Marketing!

We use all available data to help you get a clearer image of your business, your clients and your competitors. 


Allow companies to take advantage of the full potential of their data, in order to communicate with their customers effectively.


Be the key tool for decision making in Marketing strategies




Data-Driven Marketing is a platform based on IBM Watson that incorporates artificial intelligence, especially machine learning and autonomous bots for social networks.

It has the ability to collect, process, analyze and present a diversity of data, which can be applied to the needs of SMEs, startups, companies in the process of internationalization, incubators, large open innovation companies and even large consulting companies, in order to contribute to the decision-making process.


Data-Driven Marketing provides marketing, consulting and auditing services to companies, combining the latest data analysis technologies with the latest marketing strategies.

We offer companies the possibility to obtain in-depth knowledge of their customers, helping them to develop messages that provide better communication with their target. Our aim is to give companies an advantage over their competitors, helping them to adapt to increasingly competitive markets.

With Data-Driven Marketing we provide:
Studies of customer preferences
Adaptation of the company’s offer
Development of new products
Customer journey study to improve sales, upselling and crosselling

Forget about mass media and “one message for all” communication strategies. Micro Segmented, multi channel, micro targeted strategies are the future today. They just require you use the right data-driven methods. 


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